Waved Slab, Carnedd y Filiast

Waved Slab, on Carnedd y Filiast, is a mod rated climb and not classed as a scramble. As well as being my first climb, it was also my first experience with ropework under the excellent guidance of my climbing partner for the day, Carl. The slab, with it’s consistent waved features, is actually a fossilised shallow seabed that has tilted – probably over millions of years.

Waved Slab close up
Waved Slab close up: honestly I haven’t just taken a photo of the floor at a funny angle!

There’s not an awful lot of positive holds on the rock so much of the climbing involves putting faith in the friction. The slab is angled so that, in dry weather at least, it is possible to simply pad your way to the top as if you were Spiderman. It probably did help too that I was wearing my brand spanking new Scarp Crux approach shoes that gave me a new found confidence on the rock. Carl took the lead most of the way after giving me a crash course in belaying, and problems were minimal. There was a constant threat of rain though, which may have changed things a little with regards to friction on the rock and so we made speedy progress to the top.

Carl higher up on Waved Slab
Carl higher up on Waved Slab

Considering I’m not all that good with heights, I didn’t actually feel much in danger throughout. The angle of the rock was comfortable enough that I never had the feeling that there was a sheer drop beneath me. In dry weather and good footwear, it’s probably not too much of a chore to simply pad your way all the way to the top without protection. Saying that… looking down certainly looks a lot more intimidating than looking up, and should the worst happen and you slip then there’s going to be nothing to stop you until you hit the bottom!

All in all, it was a great day out – the only downside being the horrible steep descent on loose rock, heather, and grass where I slipped onto my backside numerous times!

Walk completed 1st August, 2016

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