16494 Mount Famine

Mount Famine is a hill in the Dark Peak that lies roughly halfway between the villages of Chinley and Hayfield, to the east of the A624 road. It commands great views of Kinder Scouts south-west corner.

Origin of the name ‘Mount Famine’

Way back between 1750 and 1850, Enclosure Acts were passed that resulted in land such as commons and moorlands being allocated to private landowners. These landowners built walls to section off parts of their new land in order to lease it to tenant farmers. Unfortunately, the land often wasn’t suitable for successful farming, and so the tenant farmers, despite their hard work, often went hungry. These farmers are sometimes memorialised in place-names. Mount Famine is an example of this in the Dark Peak. Other notable examples include Starvation Hill, Never Gains, Famish Acre, and Mount Misery – all in Dartmoor.

Access Routes

The hill is often accessed from the Pennine Bridleway due to the path circling around its western side. It can also be accessed by the way of the Jacobs Ladder path to Kinder by continuing down Oaken Clough to Coldwell Clough. Alternatively, a more scenic route involves leaving the Jacobs Ladder path to Brown Knoll, and then following the high moorland around towards the hill of South Head before arriving at Mount Famine. Navigation this way is simple as the path follows the line of a farm wall all the way to South Head

Hill Stats:
  • Hill: Mount Famine
  • Region: 36: Lancashire, Cheshire and S Pennines
  • Area: The Peak District
  • County: Derbyshire
  • Height (m): 473
  • Drop (m): 44
  • Classification: 4
  • Feature: no feature: ground beside path immediately east of fence
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