Burbage Rocks, Stanage Edge, Higger Tor, and Padley Gorge

This Peak District winter walk ventures along Burbage Rocks and Stanage Edge, before circling back around and returning via Higger Tor, Winyard Nick, Padley Gorge, and the Longshaw Estate.

T’was my first proper outing since mid November and the first time I’d visited the Peak District since my venture to Dovestone Reservoir and Chew Valley last year. It felt like too long ago and so I was eagerly anticipating my return to the hills. My chosen route offered great scenery but also wasn’t too enduring as I wasn’t feeling at my fittest due to the Christmas food binge.

I specifically chose this day as the snow had fallen the night before and it could potentially have been my only opportunity this year to experience it due to the extremely mild winter so far. Seemingly I wasn’t the only person that thought along those lines as the routes were very busy with walkers, and quite a number of kids with their sledges.

Burbage Rocks was the first high point of the walk, with some great views of the area. I wondered why it wasn’t called Burbage Edge seeing as it’s a continuation of the line that also includes Froggatt Edge, Curbar Edge, and Baslow Edge – and eventually leads to Stanage Edge. The ground had frozen over but I could hear the ice cracking numerous times during my walk along the edge, and so I suspect that, had the ground not been frozen, it would have been quite waterlogged and boggy.

Burbage Rocks
Burbage Rocks

A short walk from the end of Burbage Rocks takes you to Stanage Edge for more of the same, but with better views and a more solid path. All too soon, it’s time to leave the edge and descend a good path down to lower ground. The walk circles back, following various footpaths until it finally emerges at the old church in Hathersage. From here, the higher ground is gained again via a steep narrow road, and then more footpaths until a road is reached and Higger Tor is visible on the other side.

Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge
Peak District
The views on the walk back to Higger Tor
St Michael's Church in Hathersage
St Michael’s Church in Hathersage
Almost at Higger Tor
Final section of the walk back to Higger Tor

Most of the height has already been gained at this point and so the final climb up to Higger Tor is short but sweet. It’s a good time to have the camera handy as there’s some outstanding views on offer. My route at this point becomes a bit meandering as it includes a detour out to visit Carl Wark – an Iron Age hill fort – before heading back to Winyards Nick and Over Owler Tor. Further details on Carl Wark can be found in the links at the bottom of this post.

Higger Tor Summit
Looking towards Carl Wark Fort from Higger Tor
Carl Wark Fort
Walking towards Carl Wark
Winyards Nick view
The view from Winyards Nick (or thereabouts)

I journeyed back along Millstone Edge which looked out over some scenic woodland, before descending down the interesting paths around Padley Gorge. Eventually I arrived back at the B6521 road where I crossed and immediate ascended a very steep path heading up through woodland. The path eventually veered left and levelled out, leading me to the grounds of Longshaw Estate where I enjoyed a pleasant final walk back to the car park.

Walk Completed on 17th January, 2016. Total Distance: 13.28 miles.

Millstone Edge
Millstone Edge
Padley Gorge
Woodland around Padley Gorge
Longshaw Estate
The Longshaw Estate

Overall, a nice workout with some great snowy scenery through areas I hadn’t visited before.

higger tor walk elevation profile
Elevation profile
higger tor walk - route
The Route

An article about Carl Wark from Andy Hemingways blog
Carl Wark – Wikipedia Article
Higger Tor – Wikipedia Article
Padley Gorge – Wikipedia Article
Stanage Edge – Wikipedia Article
The National Trusts page on The Longshaw Estate and Burbage
My Google photo album for the walk
Download the GPX file

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  1. clarepooley33 says

    I’ve missed reading your walks posts! Another great walk with lots of fine photos. We must have a go at this walk sometime soon. Thanks for all the links in the post.

    1. M.Barrett says

      Many thanks for the kind words! I’ve been a little lazy over winter.

      1. clarepooley33 says

        I’m not sure that conditions have been ideal for hill walking with all the rain and flooding we have had!

      2. M.Barrett says

        Yes… not ideal. Some people quite enjoy walking across boggy land, but I’m not a huge fan myself. Call me a fairweather walker!

  2. anroworld says

    Wow, great shots, what a place!

    1. M.Barrett says

      Thankyou. I actually had to take the photos with my phone as I forgot my camera!

      1. anroworld says

        See, for a good photographer any equipment is good!

  3. camperchristina says

    What a pretty walk you had! Thanks so much for sharing.Been missing your posts! Hope things are good with you! I’m pretty fascinated with the names of all the places you visit. Almost sounds like you make them up they are so old fashioned and magical. Winter has been mild in many parts of the world, even including Canada. Some of the northern parts have snow but it is very scarce in comparison to our winter last year. El Nino is wreaking havoc it seems. Hope you get a bit more before the season is out and glad you took the opportunity to catch it before it left again. I have been doing the same thing here in Canada, one day, driving 644 km’s just to have a day of winter adventures. We can only do what we can do I guess? Looking forward to seeing more walks from you and sharing in your adventures! 🙂

  4. smackedpentax says

    These are superb photographs. Sadly I don’t know this area very well, but after looking at these it makes me want to go and explore 🙂

  5. High Hiker says

    I’ve been searching for a blog like yours since starting my own a few weeks back. Nice pictures and easy to follow. I’ll have a scan through your other posts…got a number of these walks planned myself for 2016 so good material to read up on. Cheers

    1. M.Barrett says

      Thanks a lot – I haven’t managed to get out much over the winter so the blog’s been a bit quiet. Time to stop being lazy and start walking again!

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