Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Brimham Rocks are a collection of eroded millstone grit rock formations in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, and owned by the National Trust. It’s a place my own mum and dad took me and my brother a couple of times when we were kids, and I have great memories of spending the day climbing and playing on all the weathered rocks, many of which have been named for their resemblance to animals and such. As my own older kids were visiting for the week, I used it as an excuse to revisit and relive my youth, whilst also giving the boys a bit of climbing practice. To make the day more fun, I also decided to bring along my girlfriends two children too, so I was going to have my hands full with supervising them all!

We had a fantastic day exploring and finding routes to the top of the various rock formations, with the kids learning the valuable lesson of not going up something you can’t get down from! I had to help them out several times getting down from the tops of some of the boulders, where decent handholds were few and far between. On the downside, the car park was rather expensive at £7 for the day, and my trip to the shop for a few snacks and drinks ended up costing me a further £16!

Playing on Brimham Rocks
The kids enjoying themselves on the rocks
Playing on Brimham Rocks
The kids celebrating after getting to the top of one of the larger formations
Playing on Brimham Rocks
A short break in one of the many natural hollows
Playing on Brimham Rocks
More climbing practice
Playing on Brimham Rocks
Team photo!
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  1. thehelpfulhiker says

    Awesome photos! Looks like an amazing place to explore, even if it did set you back a few quid!

    1. M.Barrett says

      Yep – you do really have to keep an eye on the kids though. Some of those rocks are really high and not so easy to climb down from.

    2. Hill Explorer says

      Yep – you really do have to watch the kids though. Some of those rock formations are really high and not so easy to climb down from!

  2. Miss Tulip says

    I love Brimham Rocks, mostly because it provides a natural scrambling environment away from silly health and safety restrictions. So many places make exploration so limited yet here you can enjoy climbing over rocks.

    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    1. Hill Explorer says

      Agree – it’s the perfect place to practice scrambling on those occasions you can’t get to the mountains. Half the reason I went was for the nostalgia. My parents took me and my brother there a couple of times when we were young, and we loved it. This was the first time I’d returned since. I’m a bit of a competitive dad so I just had to show off by getting up onto the rocks that the kids were struggling with! 🙂

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