A Walk from Southwell to Burton Joyce

This linear walk explores some of the lovely countryside around the Nottinghamshire villages of Southwell, Oxton, Calverton, and Lambley. A regular bus travels between the start and finish of the walk, so it’s not too much of a problem getting back to your car upon completion.

The walk begins on Westgate in the village of Southwell and heads west for a short while before eventually joining up with the long distance footpath – The Robin Hood Way. The route took me across various farmland, which in April, was at the peak of Rapeseed season; not good for a hayfever sufferer such as myself! I certainly couldn’t complain about the views though. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and all around me was a beautiful patchwork of vivid yellows and greens. Eventually I arrived at a wooded area before skirting around Robin Hood Hill, where legend has it that Robin Hood concealed his stolen loot. It’s also apparently an area of archaeological interest as excavations have previously led to large amounts of roman coins being discovered. The footpath eventually led me Oxton; a small village with only 500 residents.

Beautiful scenery
Beautiful scenery not long after leaving Southwell
Gnarled trees
Gnarled trees in a wooded area
Path through Rapeseed
A path through the Rapeseed
Robin Hood Hill, near Southwell
Approaching Robin Hood Hill – obscured by the trees

From the village, I crossed the Oxton Bypass and headed briefly through the wooded area of Gorse Convert before emerging at the wetlands of Oxton Bogs – an area of importance to nature and conservation. A short walk took me through this via an obvious footpath and eventually out across a freshly ploughed field. On the other side of this field lay an entrance to the Watchwood Plantation, a pine forest, which together with Oxton Bogs, made a nice change from the constant backdrop of rapeseed fields I had encountered so far.

Oxton Bogs
The wetland area of Oxton Bog
Watchwood Plantation
Pine trees in Watchwood Plantation

The next location on the agenda was Ramsdale Park golf course, where I was unfortunately unable to take any photos as it began to lash it down with rain. I threw on my over-sized army surplus goretex jacket and trundled on. No sooner had I left the golf course than the sun came back out and within minutes it was as if the downpour had never happened. From here, the walk turns back into a trek across numerous rapeseed fields, broken up only by a short venture into Fox Wood in the Woodborough Park area. The scenery was still gorgeous but I think I was starting to take it for granted at this point. Eventually I arrived in Lambley via the hidden dells of Lambley’s Dumbles. Do you know what a Dumble is? I didn’t either so I looked it up; apparently it’s a regional word used in Southwell and surrounding areas, and it refers to a wood lined stream often in a small, steep sided valley. There you go – who says this blogs not educational! From Lambley, it was up and over the steepest hill of the day back to Burton Joyce to conclude a long but satisfyingly gorgeous Nottinghamshire walk.

Walk Completed on 25th April, 2015. Total Distance: 18.18 Miles

More Rapeseed
More colourful rapeseed views
Lambley Dumbles
A bridge over Lambley Dumble
Elevation Profile

Useful Links
GPX file for the walk
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Bus Information between Southwell and Burton Joyce
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  1. SnowdonStudent says

    Lovely pics, really like the one of the path through the rapeseed, a good use of lineal lines

  2. M.Barrett says

    Thankyou – It’s hard work getting photos of that quality from an old camera that’s probably worth about £30 now! It does best on a sunny day when I can switch the ISO setting down to its lowest setting, but on overcast grey days I really struggle to get anything decent. I’ll hopefully be upgrading the camera to something much better next year.

  3. Bex Baillie says

    Reading this inspires me to get out and be walking more! Beautiful pictures!

    1. M.Barrett says

      I’m glad it inspired you. Thankyou for the kind words.

  4. […] here on, the walk merges with the walk I did earlier this year from Southwell to Burton Joyce. After exiting Watch Wood, follow the road east until Hollinwood Lane is reached, then head south […]

  5. clarepooley33 says

    Thanks for this walk and for the explanation of the word dumble! We live surrounded by rape fields and find them a little hard to cope with when in flower. I have hay-fever too 🙁

    1. M.Barrett says

      You’re in Suffolk right? I used to live in Norfolk and I know it’s terrible for rapeseed down that way. My mum developed asthma shortly after moving from Lancashire to Norfolk and I’m sure the rapeseed is the reason why!

      1. clarepooley33 says

        Yes we live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. I developed asthma and hay fever when I moved here from Kent in 1988. I have started to use rapeseed oil in cooking instead of olive oil in an attempt at immunity. Probably won’t work 🙁

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